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Cloth Mask #3 - Cotton Kiriko Natural Floral Fabric
Cloth Mask #3 - Cotton Kiriko Natural Floral Fabric
Cloth Mask #3 - Cotton Kiriko Natural Floral Fabric

Cloth Mask #3 - Cotton Kiriko Natural Floral Fabric

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  • Please read all of the below before ordering (especially the note on pricing).
  • Cloth mask made by Wildwood & Company's tailoring team.
  • Two layers of beautiful cotton/cotton-linen, including side slots to allow for inserting another mask or filter.
  • Soft flexible metal nose bridge. Spoiler alert: It's a piece of pipe cleaner, which can be removed for washing the mask. We considered a number of options, but the consensus was the pipe cleaner was the most effective and comfortable. We made the stitched channel for the nose bridge nice and wide so it's not too dicey to take the metal out for washing and put it back in.
  • Two options for elastic: standard "around the ears" or longer "behind the head." Please select from the drop-down menu. (See pictures, and please contact us with any questions. Each style currently available in one standard length, which you can easily shorten by knotting or other methods. We will also eventually have small adjusting toggles that can easily be added.)
  • Dimensions: Approx. 5.5” height (at nose bridge) x 9.5” width (when flat).
  • 20% of all proceeds will be donated to Smart Reading, a children's literacy nonprofit helping the most vulnerable children get new books to keep and to provide them reading mentoring.
  • A note on pricing: We know our masks cost more than many out there. And given the (fair) criticism of companies attempting to profit from a crisis, we feel compelled to note that even before the 20% donated, we would not make a "profit" at that price. Our hope is to make the best cloth mask available; make it stylish with nice materials (and even bring a little fun to a tough time); and yes, to bring in some revenue for our small business that has kept on our full team throughout this strange time. When we add up materials; time spent planning, sourcing, making, posting, and shipping them... it's not quite a break-even proposition. So we're doing this to help in our tiny way, stay connected with all of you lovely people, and... in all candor, we also hope that while here, you might consider purchasing another beautiful handmade object from us. As always, we appreciate your support! (And if our thing isn't your thing, zero worries. There are lots of other folks out there making masks too. Our personal alternate recommendation would probably be Portland Garment Factory!)
  • *Disclaimer*: And finally, of course we need to mention we are tailors, not medical professionals. We're making these masks because many people have asked us to, but can't and don't make any representations about their effectiveness for the prevention or mitigation of disease.