We're Hiring!

We are hiring for two positions: (1) A front-of-house Renaissance person, and (2) an experienced tailor to join our growing team.
About Us
We are a bespoke tailoring shop downtown Portland, serving all genders, founded in 2014. We make high-quality custom suits and other clothing, by hand, in the U.S.---in our in-house tailoring workshop here in Portland and with the best workshops around the U.S. We also have a haberdashery where we sell the highest quality small-batch accessories and apparel, like handmade shoes, ties, suspenders, knitwear, and more. And in 2021, we opened a sister gallery of fine craft, where we represent 40 other artists working in traditional craft like weaving, glassblowing, and ceramics.

We are growing, and are looking to find some great people to dive in with us.

(1) Front of House Manager
We are looking for a front-of-house Renaissance Person. You will interact extensively with both custom-clothing clients and walk-ins to the shop/gallery; but the main areas of work initially will center around working with custom-clothing clients and managing their custom projects.
That would include things like helping choose and order fabric; taking measurements; working with our in-house tailoring team as a liaison to our partner workshops about each client's pattern and details; helping us keep organized and on top of custom projects to ensure they are completed accurately and on time. Day-to-day, there will also be a fair amount of organizing, tidying, and light cleaning.

Ultimately, as with most very small businesses, the first point on the job description is really "whatever needs doing most."

- We are open to discussing part-time work, but our goal is to find someone for a full-time salaried position with benefits. Our work schedule is Tuesdays through Saturdays.
- Compensation will depend in part on experience and aptitude; and our goal is to find someone with whom both the business and their compensation will grow substantially over time.

- Must be great with people. On any given day, you might interact with several custom-clothing clients, and several walk-ins to the shop. Creating custom clothing for people is often an intimate process and we aim to build long-term relationships of trust; so genuinely liking people, and working well with all types of new people, will be very important.
- Must love craft: You don't need to be an expert already in the nuances of how a bespoke suit is made (or glassblowing or ceramics methods for that matter); but a love of fine craft, and a curiosity about how beautiful things are made, will go a long way.
- Must be organized and a creative problem-solver. We manage dozens of custom projects at a time, and communications with our clients, suppliers, and partner workshops. We must track all of these custom projects through each phase of their process to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Flexibility and creativity are also key; as a very small business, we often must balance efficiency and cost, and come up with a clever solution that a larger company could just throw money at.
- Must be professional. By that we mean that as a fine-craft business serving a wide variety of clients, professionalism and first impressions are important. Whether it is in email communication or professional attire, we do our best to project competence and trustworthiness in everything we do.
- Must Take Constructive Feedback: As small business owners who have built a trusted business from scratch over the last eight years, we are actively involved and will have a lot of constructive feedback about how we'd like things done. So initiative and creativity are very welcome, but willingness to take feedback early and often will be just as important. 
- Must Embrace Juggling: As noted above, flexibility and willingness to do whatever needs doing around the shop that day, are key. One day might be deep conversations with several interesting clients about their lives and apparel goals; the next day might be juggling paperwork, organizational projects, and cleaning up. We need someone who embraces multitasking and variety.
- Apparel experience: Extensive experience in designing and/or making clothing---especially custom clothing---would be ideal. However, we are also willing to think outside the box; e.g., are you a bartender with an uncanny ability to put diverse people at ease, multitask, and learn new skills and information? Let's talk.
Please scroll to the bottom for information on applying.

(2) Experienced Tailor
Must have extensive experience altering and/or constructing well-made garments; suiting experience ideal.
- Must have extremely high standards for quality and precision of work.
- Must work well on a small team, and take constructive feedback well.
- Experience fitting custom clothing and interacting with clients would be ideal.
- Compensation: Will depend on experience and skill, but ideally looking for a full-time position with benefits. Our workweek is usually Tuesday-Saturday.

To Apply for Either Position
Please submit via email to joe@wildwoodcompany.com: (1) a one-page resume; (2) a separate statement of interest of under one page; and (3) at least two relevant professional references.