When you say you make suits, shirts, sweaters, and shoes in Portland, how much of that process really happens in Portland?

All of it. In the case of our bespoke suits and shirts, 100% of the process, including initial measurements and design, interim fittings, construction and sewing, and even hand-sewn buttonholes takes place in our on-site workshop downtown Portland. Pretty much the only thing we don’t make in-house is fabric, which we source from the best fabric mills in the world (although we’re working on making our own fabric too...). In the case our made-to-measure suiting, we partner with another top-notch U.S. tailoring workshop to do some of the construction in order to streamline the process for our clients. In the case of our bespoke handknitting, we design the custom sweater or hat with the client in our shop, then oversee several individual highly-skilled handknitters in Portland to execute our pattern. Our bespoke shoes are designed and made in Portland by our friend Reid Elrod, with design meetings and fittings taking place in our shop.