Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a special suit or accessories for our wedding?

Absolutely, we have developed quite a range of special offerings related to weddings over the years. We love working with people to create the perfect custom garments for their wedding, whether it’s the groom’s perfect “James Bond” tux; a suit from your imagination; or even matching suits, ties, or pocket squares for the wedding party (we’ve even turned a vintage kimono into a tie for the groom and matching pocket squares for the groomsmen). The possibilities are endless.

How long does your custom suit process take?

On average, making a custom suit with us takes 10-12 weeks (our in-house bespoke suiting process can take 6 months or more). However, for weddings or other special events, we strongly recommend starting the process as early as possible---and no fewer than 12 weeks from the wedding date. More time means less stress on everyone’s part, and allows us more freedom to brainstorm and execute special details for you.

Is Wildwood & Company handicap accessible?

Absolutely; but our aim is not just accessibility, it is to be the the most accommodating business we can possibly be, for any disability or special need. There are no stairs anywhere at Wildwood, and we have ADA-compliant door widths and paths throughout the shop. Moreover, our beautiful 700-square-foot fitting lounge is yours during your appointment, and can be entirely private if needed.  We are passionate about providing above-and-beyond service for everyone, so please let us know in advance, or when you arrive, if there is anything at all we can do to make your experience better. On a personal note, two of our very close loved ones were paralyzed from multiple sclerosis, and we've seen first-hand how important it is for businesses to be proactive, inclusive, and sensitive in their approach to all people. Whether it's an insulin pump you'd like accommodated in your suit, you require substantial physical assistance throughout a fitting, or something else---please just ask, and you'll always be treated in a friendly and dignified manner at Wildwood & Company.

Can you make suits, knitwear, or shoes for women and transgender folks?

Absolutely! We have an experienced and welcoming team, we start by listening to you and your ideas, and then offer our own suggestions to meet your goals in a thoughtful way. Don’t hesitate to email us with questions or reference pictures, and we look forward to chatting!

Do you charge extra for things like full-canvas construction, functional sleeve buttonholes, extra pockets, etc.?

Nope, we include pretty much everything you can think of (basically, everything you see marketed by other suit-makers, and more) at our “starts at” price. Pretty much the only thing that can increase the price of our offerings is more exotic fabrics; and even there, we keep it simple. We include many gorgeous fabrics at our “starts-at” price, and if you tell us you’re on a budget, we’ll stick to it with no questions asked.

What kinds of fabric do you offer?

We offer a massive selection (5000+ at last count) of fine woolens, cashmeres, and more from around the world. If pressed, we’d say our favorite mills we represent are probably Loro Piana from Italy, Holland & Sherry from the U.K., and American Woolen Company (making stunning fabrics right here in the U.S.). We love thinking about, talking about, and petting beautiful fabrics, and we think the first step on any custom clothing journey should be a fun fabric education, keyed (un-condescendingly) to your level of experience and knowledge. While many of our fabrics are in fact “Super 120s,” etc., we steer clear of marketing jargon like that (which is also virtually unregulated, by the way), and focus on how the fabric looks and feels, and whether it is perfect for the garment in question.

Want to know anything else?

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