Returns & Exchanges / Refund Policy

Because we proudly carry a rather eclectic mix of objects and apparel, from hand-forged straight razors to hand-knit sweaters, we do not have a one-size-fits-all return policy. In general, however: We aim for perfection, and most of the craftspeople with whom we work provide a warranty against any defect in material or craftsmanship for appropriate use and normal lifetime of the good. (By way of one example: if a hole is worn in the armpit of our hand-knit sweater we will happily repair it; if you put it in the washing machine on hot, contrary to the care instructions we provided, and it now fits your dog instead of you... we'll happily pour you a scotch, congratulate Fido on his new duds, and chat about whether we can offer you a discount on making you a new sweater). Please contact us at to discuss the forgoing or any particular item before purchasing if you have concerns.