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Bespoke Suits, Shirts, and Coats

We make custom suits, shirts, and coats by hand in our on-site workshop.

Wildwood Bespoke is our in-house bespoke clothing line. The journey begins over a fine beverage in our private fitting lounge. We draft a unique pattern from scratch for each client based on their measurements and style preferences.  We offer limitless choices of styling, fabric, linings, and buttons---and we provide as much or as little guidance on those choices as you like.

The garment then takes shape over three subsequent fittings, using the best quality hand-tailoring techniques, and made entirely in our on-site tailoring workshop here in Portland, Ore. The process takes approximately 12 weeks, although we are currently running a short waiting list due to high demand; when you contact us, please let us know if you have a specific date by which the garment would be required.

Suits start at $3,100; shirts at $450 (with a three-shirt minimum because of the substantial time invested in perfecting the initial pattern). For more detailed information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us or visit our separate site for Wildwood Bespoke.

Price is ultimately dependent on fabric choice. We have many nice fabrics (no polyester around here!) at our starting price, and our median suit price ends up being about 10% higher. The highest-end outliers (say, 2% of pieces we make) can be 30-40% higher when cashmere and baby camel-hair enter the mix. We pride ourselves on keeping pricing as transparent and candid as possible, so please feel free to be blunt about your budget when you come in, and we will happily point you in the right direction without condescension.