Custom Suits, Shirts, and Coats

Wildwood & Company offers two paths to your favorite custom suit, overcoat, or shirts. On either path, you will start in our beautiful walnut and brick fitting lounge, looking at luxurious fabrics and talking style over a cappuccino or fine whiskey with our experienced and passionate tailoring team. Your unique custom garment will be crafted from the world's best fabrics, using the finest full-canvas tailoring, entirely in the U.S.



Process: We start with an in-depth initial consultation and measurements, and usually require 1-2 fittings over about 10 weeks to achieve the perfect fit. We start with detailed measurements and try-on garments (and even a basted fitting where needed), so that before we even cut into fabric, we identify any fit challenges that might arise. We then create a unique design and pattern just for you, with many ways to customize both fit and styling.

Construction: Entirely made in the U.S. using the highest standards of full-canvas tailoring. We do all trouser and jacket finishing work (including functional sleeve button-holes), and any alterations, in our own Portland tailoring studio.

Pricing and Fabric: Fabric choices, styling, and details are virtually limitless, and we start at $2000 for a two-piece suit; $2500 for a three-piece suit; and $1900 for an overcoat. We don't "up-charge" for extra fittings or for styling and finishing details like functional buttonholes, real horn buttons, or extra pockets, and we never condescend about fabrics or pricing.

Please contact us for more information, or to schedule an appointment. We plan to roll out a similar program for custom shirting soon.



Our in-house bespoke hand-tailoring program is modeled after the iconic bespoke tailoring houses of Savile Row, London. It is designed for the person who is in no rush; who cares deeply how and where things are made; and yes, for whom price is of little concern.

Process: After an initial consultation, we draft a unique pattern from scratch. The garment then takes shape over three or four subsequent fittings (or more, on occasion, if we deem it necessary), using the best quality hand-tailoring techniques, and made entirely in our on-site tailoring workshop here in Portland, Ore. The process usually takes 16+ weeks, so when you contact us, please let us know if you have a specific date by which the garment would be required.

Pricing: Our bespoke suits start at $3,400; shirts at $450 each (with a three-shirt minimum because of the substantial time invested in perfecting the initial pattern). For more detailed information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

Fabrics: We have many nice fabric options at our "starts at" price, but also have other options (which we'll only bring out after being transparent about their cost) that, depending on fiber content (the best cashmeres and baby camel hairs don't come cheap), can increase the overall price by 10-40%.