Our Story


We sell fine clothing and objects, designed and made by master craftspeople, including: Custom suits and other apparel designed and made entirely in-house by a skilled team of designers and tailors; handmade shoes; hand-knit sweaters and accessories; custom hats; wood-work; glass-blowing; and even watches.  Visit our online shop for a representative cross-section of the kinds of objects we carry, or come visit us in person to design your dream object for yourself or as a gift.


Joe Mueller grew up in Oregon, in a family where objects of fine art and craftsmanship, and the people who make them, are revered. After a career as a commercial litigation attorney, both in New York City and back in Portland, Joe made a change. While taking tailoring classes in 2014, Joe met a talented tailor and got to work designing and making the highest quality suits and shirts in Portland. After finding a perfect space for their bespoke tailoring operation---the 125-year-old Hamilton Building downtown Portland---the idea for Wildwood & Company was born. A retail space and website that complement the custom clothing made by Wildwood; fine objects and apparel, made the best way they can be made.  Wildwood & Company has now grown to a team of seven designers, tailors, and seamstresses, while representing more than 25 other skilled artists and craftspeople from Portland and beyond.